stop ulez2021

ULEZ2021 is a new tax on London.

Should the zone be expanded to the A406/A205 boundary in October, many older and lower paid people will pay £12.50 to make essential journeys.

Join our campaign. STOP ULEZ2021

  • A £12.50 daily charge – 24/7/365
  • Hits motorcycles, cars, light vans and minibuses
  • No Resident or Disabled Driver Exemptions

What is ULEZ2021?

The Ultra-Low Emission Zone is a scheme implemented by London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, based on an original proposal from Boris Johnson when

Will you have to pay the ULEZ tax in 2021?

Why does Sadiq Khan want to expand ULEZ in 2021?

Sadiq Khan is basing his argument on the need to reduce emissions. But more emissions come from industry and from domestic and commercial gas usage than from motorcycles, cars, light vans and minibuses.

What Are the Alternatives?

People and businesses change their vehicles all the time. As a consequence, emissions are already falling and air quality improving as earlier tightening of vehicle standards take effect. Businesses change their fleets and staff cars more regularly, and most will already have complaint vehicles in the in fleets.

So, the 2021 expansion won’t make much difference to the rep doing 12,000 miles a year. It will hit the retired couple who bought – on Government advice – a good diesel car that they expected to keep.

Even without the 2021 expansion, emissions will continue to fall rapidly and by 2030, they will be just where they would have been expected to be anyway.

Over 80% of particulate pollution comes from tyre and brake wear and the “re-suspension” of that matter as people drive around. Schemes which make traffic flow more smoothly, with less stopping and starting can help cut this type of pollution. As can fixing potholes and damaged road surfaces.

Several European cities are using technology to remove pollution from the air. “City Trees” use moss to trap particulate and Nitrous Oxide pollution and can be 250-300 times as effective as a natural tree. Eco-billboards use solar powered fans to draw air across specialised gel to achieve the same effect. Sponsored by business, these measures could cost Londoners nothing, whilst cleaning up our worst affected locations.

Already in use in many European cities, this takes larger vehicles off through routes in cities by setting up transfer hubs on the outskirts, close to motorway junctions. Smaller, zero-emission vehicles are then used to make deliveries into the city centre.

Buses are a major contributor to pollution. It is already planned to use only zero-emission electric or hydrogen buses in central London, but redeploying hybrid buses to the suburbs will also help. Re-scheduling services so buses stop at alternate “A” and “B” stops would also speed up services and reduce the amount of stopping and starting.

Sadiq Khan pledged to plant millions of trees when he stood for election in 2016, but he has fallen well short. Planting natural trees and creating green borders along major routes can be incredibly effective in reducing the impact of pollution.

Many of our suggested alternatives cost nothing. Buses are being replaced anyway, altering services costs next to nothing. Businesses will sponsor green initiatives and developers contribute to tree planting all the time.

It is also costing almost £200m to create the network of cameras needed to police the expansion to the A406/A205 ring. That is a ready-made fund to support these initiatives.

Your views on the planned ULEZ expansion

The campaign is being run by 3RD PARTY LTD. A registered third party with the Electoral Commission (PEF number 10354) and also registered with the ICO as a data controller. 

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