Sadiq Khan is basing his argument on the need to reduce emissions. But more emissions come from industry and from domestic and commercial gas usage than from motorcycles, cars, light vans and minibuses.

Also, emissions are already falling, and air quality has been improving since 2008/09 (see this report for TfL). By 2030, Khan’s scheme will be making no difference at all.

Nobody wants to condemn people to living with unsafe levels of pollution, but the evidence shows that this is not the case outside central London, other than along major routes at hotspot junctions. 

The major source of pollution along those routes are buses and heavier commercial vehicles. We don’t oppose the changes planned for those vehicles. We just don’t think motorcyclists, older and lower paid drivers and those who need their vehicles for work, should have to pay £12.50, every time they need to drive.


The Ultra-Low Emission Zone is a scheme implemented by London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, based on an original proposal from Boris Johnson when he was Mayor. It currently operates in the central London Congestion Charge area for all vehicles.

The campaign is being run by 3RD PARTY LTD. A registered third party with the Electoral Commission (PEF number 10354) and also registered with the ICO as a data controller. 

Company number 12313483
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ.

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