Innovation is the answer to air quality – not new taxes

Every day, business and industry are pushing the boundaries to reduce energy use and adopt zero-emission solutions. 

It is through continuous investment in research and development of low-carbon and zero-emission solutions that we will find answers to poor air quality. 

A recent selection of articles have highlighted:

It really is an exciting time for development of new products in this field and the idea that a marginal tax on a few vehicles, mostly driven out of necessity by older and lower paid people is essential is, frankly, ludicrous.

That’s why we want to stop the planned expansion of the ULEZ in 2021.

Why does Sadiq Khan want to expand the ULEZ?

Sadiq Khan is basing his argument on the need to reduce emissions. But more emissions come from industry and from domestic and commercial gas usage than from motorcycles, cars, light vans and minibuses.

The campaign is being run by 3RD PARTY LTD. A registered third party with the Electoral Commission (PEF number 10354) and also registered with the ICO as a data controller. 

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