Carbon Trust: Future Air Quality improvements will not come from vehicles

Carbon Trust: Future Air Quality improvements will not come from vehicles

An interesting report from The Carbon Trust, explaining how tackling air quality in London needs gas boilers to be replaced.

This report, commissioned by the Mayor of London, provides guidance to the Greater London Authority (GLA), London Boroughs, social housing providers and others who may be considering heat pump retrofit in their housing stock. It highlights the importance of energy efficiency, flexible use of heat and good practice system design to delivering successful heat pump retrofit at both the building and energy system levels. The report assesses the particular challenges and opportunities for heat pump retrofit in London. It also outlines a plan of necessary actions for achieving heat pump retrofit at scale (this is primarily focussed on central government policy and activity but also contains recommendations for the GLA, London Boroughs and others).

Moving to heat pumps, which the graphic below shows to be a cost effective as well as good-for-the-environment move, is another way of improving London’s air quality, without slapping a £12.50 daily charge on older people and the low-paid, who can’t afford to change their not particularly polluting vehicles?

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Why does Sadiq Khan want to expand the ULEZ?

Sadiq Khan is basing his argument on the need to reduce emissions. But more emissions come from industry and from domestic and commercial gas usage than from motorcycles, cars, light vans and minibuses.

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